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Celebrating Arab American Heritage Month

Engaging People through Zaffe Performances   Celebrating Arab American Heritage Month is a vibrant celebration of diversity and heritage, offering a unique opportunity to engage students and the community. One powerful way to showcase cultural richness is through the traditional Lebanese Zaffe performance, a

Best Zaffe in USA

BEST ZAFFE IN USA Ceasars Events we are proud to be called one of the best zaffe groups in USA, located in Boston, Massachusetts serving all states. From Wedding, Engagement, Baptist, First Communion, Birthday to private events. We do it all! We takes your

Zaffe and Dabke in Massachusetts for Events Entertainment

    With each Wedding Entertainment, Zaffe and Dabke in Massachusetts resident plans, our excitement to support sky rodents. Zaffe and Dabke in Massachusetts for your Bridal party, Arabic and Lebanese wedding Entertainment, baptism, first communion, graduation, proposals, and much more, we are here

Zaffe entrance meeting discussion expectations

  We are here to uncover with you the best wedding Zaffe entrance and performance. We  look forward to meet the bride and groom and to start the discussion about their expectations and ideas. During the first call, we set a meeting date and

5 Reasons to hire a zaffe for your wedding

You have chosen a venue, the flowers, the dresses and suits,  and the cuisine but still miss one major element for this night, entertainment. Let us walk you through a brief list why a zaffe performance in your wedding is a critical elements.