Zaffe entrance meeting discussion expectations

Zaffe entrance meeting discussion expectations


We are here to uncover with you the best wedding Zaffe entrance and performance. We  look forward to meet the bride and groom and to start the discussion about their expectations and ideas.

During the first call, we set a meeting date and time that works best for you.


1- what initial thoughts and ideas do you have on live Wedding zaffe performance and zaffa entrance?

It is your wedding – it is your grand day. We are pretty sure that you ready have a list of ideas that you like to have on this special day. Whether it is zaffe wedding Bride entrance, Groom entrance and performance or traditional dabke dance, we are here to share our experience and knowledge to ensure the best choices are made.


2- what style of costumes you would like to have?

Plenty of photos will be taken on this day. From the second you enter until everyone leaves.

Wedding Bride entrance and Groom entrance ideas are crucial since it will capture the rare moment of the bride and groom with only the performers which makes the newly the center of the moment and stage.

Entrances last a couple of minutes; whether there are Arabic drummers, belly dancers, Waltz or dabke performance dancers, you get to choose from a variety of costumes how you would like us to dress.  During the meeting we would show you photos of the costumes and previous modern or traditional wedding.


3- Any music you would like to have?

We listen to music while commuting, while exercising, while working… each person has a preferred artist or songs. During our meeting, we would go through music playlist that features for example Lebanese zaffe songs, zaffa music, or any other music, you would like either the DJ or the live performance to play.


4- what theme  would you like to present in your wedding?

Some people have a theme in mind even before finding a partner. Others would need to brainstorm with professionals. Regardless which category you fall in, Caesar’s Events are here to support you. From themed zaffe to the traditional zaffe, from Western parade to Arab drummers, from traditional Middle Eastern dance performances ranging from Egyptian Lebanese, Jordanian dabke and zaffe to fusion artistry, we got you covered.

We are here to share our experience with you. You only need to do the first step, reaching out, and we will take care of the rest.