5 Reasons to hire a zaffe for your wedding

You have chosen a venue, the flowers, the dresses and suits,  and the cuisine but still miss one major element for this night, entertainment. Let us walk you through a brief list why a zaffe performance in your wedding is a critical elements.


Best zaffe for your wedding



1- Entertainment is not your job on this day, its Caesars Events wedding Zaffe.

the only task you need to fulfill is enjoying  your time with your partner and guests. You have been planning for this day months now. You shouldn’t be worried about whether your guests are entertained. The wedding zaffe is a performance group which has one main role- entertaining your guests  and making your day even more special. https://www.yallaboston.com/blog/categories/zaffa-dabka

2- Create a unique and homogenous atmosphere similar to the spirit of the dabke dance

A zaffe sets the tone through the diverse performances to the general vibe of your celebration. It creates an exciting atmosphere amongst all guests and all age groups. Whether the invites tend to be party lovers or not, the dabke, the music instruments, the themed shows performed, clothes, and every single detail will play a role in setting the exciting vibrancy. You just have to enjoy the show and the dance with the performance group and your dear guests.

3- Your entrance is not weird anymore with our Arabic drums, Zaffe or Waltz wedding entrances ideas

The first concern that our clients share with us is their entrance. Wedding entrances are like first impressions. Entrances are the first interaction the newly weds will have with their guests as husband and wife. Who doesn’t want a special unforgettable first impression!! With Caesars Events, we design your   entrance to be with live zaffa performers , DJ music, traditional dabke shows, drummers, and several other options. https://caesarsevents.us/gallery/

4- Introduce your  guests to your culture, music, and dancer performances Lebanese Zaffe or Jordanian, Egyptian Zaffa

Living in the region of New England Area, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island,  Vermont, New York, New Jersey, and several other states, may sometimes mean that your guests are from diverse culture groups. Can you imagine the level of excitement and experience your guests who would have when they come to your wedding and enjoy a live performance show that reflects a live zaffa performance, an authentic dabke show, or traditional Middle Eastern wedding! It would be as if they have traveled for a couple of hours to another place! From themed performances such as waltz, Chinese , and Indian performances to traditional and modern middle eastern zaffe, Caesars’ Events is your cultural ambassador with their live performance, music, costumes,  accessories, DJ’s, drummers…

5- Turn regular dinners to unforgettable experiences

What do you want your guests to remember the next day? What do you want them to remember 5 years from now? People attend hundreds of dinners. But what would make your wedding  dinner and celebration special? The answer to all these questions is not a mystery anymore – the performance. The reason why the performance is so important is that it sets the tone and the experience . It ensures that each and every  guest receives something – a memory. Memories last forever.  Let them remember the authentic dabka dance, the live zaffe performances, the Lebanese wedding songs, the beats of the drummers on the Arabic music, best wedding entrance, the dabke dance, and much more.