About Us

From the proud traditional to the cultural mixed modern shows, Caesars Events will make your events unforgettable. We brought together the extravagance entertainment and zaffeh through our magical costumes, unique talented dancers and musicians, and creativity of new mesmerized shows.

Located in Boston Massachusetts, Caesars Events zaffe provides Lebanese zaffeh and dabke, Arabic zaffa and dabka, royalty zaffeh, themed shows, bride and groom entrance, Parades… Caesars Events Zaffeh covers Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Main, Vermont, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and soon other states. We guaranty to make the baptism, first communion, graduation, birthday party, engagement, Lebanese wedding, Arabic wedding, and other occasions special.

Caesars Events zaffeh passion, experience, diversity and vision can adopt and adapt to diverse events, culture, ethnicity and race. If you would like to learn more on how Caesars Events zaffeh can make a difference in your event, call us at (781) 866-7133 or email us on info@caesarsevents.us

Starting in Lebanon and reaching the US, Elias founded a performance group that provides Zaffe, live music, and other performances to entertain and enrich extravagant private events. From the traditional zaffe to contemporary performances, Caesars Events USA team provides an array of ideas, music, and costumes to serve our clients.